Guard Your Charmin and Kill Your Veggies

Things I have learned this week:

1. Drink coffee black. Here, milk comes in a box and requires no refrigeration. Sounds like a gastrointestinal nightmare waiting to happen.

2. Buy your chickens at sunrise. Fresh kill is always the safest route to go. See refridgeration issue above.

3. When you gotta go, know the foliage below. Peruvian plants pack more sting than poison ivy. Protect your derriere (not that I'm speaking from experience...um, yeah, but could you pass the Calomine lotion, por favor?)

4. Beware of dog(s). The are strays EVERYWHERE here in Curahuasi. The act of reaching for a stone will scare those rabid pooches away. But no need to actually throw rocks, okay?

5. Use Kilol (KILL-ALL). The only two words you need to know to disinfect fruits and veggies. Comes in plastic bottle. It's Clorox for your produce.

6. Don't drink the water. Unless you dig tape worms. And want to get skinny asap. Could be the next big thing on America's billion dollar diet frontier???
Photo captions: This is where we buy food to make our weekly meals: all from the Curahuasi market. Yum Yum!


amy said...

I have secretly always wanted to try the tape-worm diet! HA! Sounds like and adventure so far! Gulp!

Lisa said...

it looks beautiful there! love reading these...keep the updates coming :)

Lisa said...

p.s. not sure about those chickens though :\